On July 1st, 2000, Mr. Maloney held "Maloneypalooza2K" in his back yard, in the bitchin' state of Rhode Island.  Several members of the NEDoD showed up, and much fun was had by all. Many, many thanks to Tom and Lisa for throwing a fist class bash.  If you weren't there, you missed a great time! And  if you blew the gig off to go work, you are a real loooooser (*cough*Dane*cough*).

 I had my camera along with me a took a few pictures, which may, or may not be of interest to you all.  Here they are:

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John Goldie, JP, Diane, Mr. Macfarland, and Bruce hang out after enjoying some of the fantastic food.
Oooh, reverse angle.
The entertainment sets up.  A few members of Cold Sweat and Mr. Macfarland.
Tom and Bruce play with Maggie, one of Tom's doggies.
The better side of Tom and Bruce.
Tom and Bruce head back over to the table..
The guest percussionists.
Tom, jammin on bass.
Mr. Macfarland jams on guitar in the background.
Mr. Maloney sings too!
Bob, hiding in the bushes.
JP, Diane, John, and Laurie.
Maloney pooch, Maggie.
Laurie tries out Mike Lambert's new BMW.  Sorry Mike, she looks much better on it than you do.   :-)
OK, it's officially a party now. The police show up.
Johnny law goes looking for the man responsible for the all noise.
And he finds him.  Tom quickly puts the officer in his place, and convinces him to allow the band to play for another 20 minutes. 
Way to go Tom!
(Sorry for the blurry image, I was trying to be discrete, and didn't use a flash, etc.)
That's it!