October 28, 2000 Ride
Patrick called for a ride after cleaning off the cobwebs from and re-registering Fizzer. Mark offered to lead the ride, so a group of NEDoD types met up at Moto Market and took off for a fun filled day of fall riding.  While a bit chilly, the ride was fantastic.  Mark lead up through southern NH and northern MA, stopping in Greenfield for lunch.  Patrick got to practice his 3-gear wheelies, and only overshot one corner! The only cop we saw was after the final stop day, when were all on our way home.  The cop wasn't running radar, and didn't even blink as we passed him.  Must of been quitting time.

The cast of characters prepare to depart from Moto Market  From left to right: Dennis, Fredneck, Copbait^H^H^H^H^H^H^HPatrick, Scott, Mark, and Steve.  Not pictured: Mike, Paul, John, myself.
The group arrives at "Poet's Seat."
The view from the top of the tower at Poet's Seat
Another view shot.
Group picture time.
Big John decides he doesn't wan to walk back down, so Patrick offers him a lift!