Things I've Found In My Tires
A "Found Art" Gallery by Adam Glass

a small screw

Found peeking out of the rear tire about halfway into a ~100 mile 2-up ride. The leak was slow enough that I was able to get it home, and the repair held well. The tire was almost gone, but I got another thousand miles out of it, and some lovely smokey burnouts when the new tires arrived.

20mm, metal on rubber

from the gallery's permanent collection

masterlink clip

So it's the first day I've used my brand new tires, and the rear picks up a masterlink clip in a terminally deep sort of way. Result? A nice slash 5/8" of an inch long, and all the way through the cords/tire carcass. Bloody lovely. I know I'm buying sticky tires here that sacrifice longevity for performance, buy for crying out loud, it'd be nice to get more than 100 miles out of a rear tire!!

30mm, mixed media

from the gallery's permanent collection


Mid-way through a track day at Thunderhill Raceway Park, site of the previous encounter with the broken masterlink, I noticed a very deep cut in the rear tire. The other half of the masterlink, perhaps? The tire held air, and I continued to use the tire. The tires were getting a bit old; I replaced them before the Buttonwillow track day I did two weeks later. Someone or something at Thunderhill has a thing for my BT56SSes...

0mm, missing

from the gallery's ephemeral collection